Good morning!

hey you all... Yes, I'm new at here, and a bit lost. yesterday was my first day in the magical blog-world and I even fell to sleep while thinking about my new little "baby".. :) Anyway, I want it to be a kind of place to escape to write silly things, or whatever things are in my head. I could imagine, that I will be writting quite a lot about our building project and interior thingies. Because I am living STILL in the middle of building constructions. We are renovating our home, where we have lived for a year now. It's built in 1949, 2 family house in the small town of Finland. It's our home for now, we will see for how long time will it be.. We have renovated our downstairs mostly (livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, wc + upstairs bathroom+wc. Now working on corridor and our daughter Mona's room. 1 room (our bedroom) will be done next year.. :( This is just small introduction.

..I hope somebody will write some comments..or..or..or..

Love, anni

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