5 years together

November has come. I have been prepared for snow to come, but it’s not here yet. But at one point soon, it will be…

We have had so hectic last week and it could be measured with the fact that before last knight, I spend last time with my daughter last Thursday evening! Ok also few hours on Saturday morning half a sleep… Sad! I have been working a lot, and then there was a weekend I planned for me and my man to celebrate our 5 years long journey. On last Friday I was with my working mates on the cottage for planning our next year at work and to have some time for meetings and being together. I was canoeing and swimming in the lake (after sauna)!! I came back to home late at evening and woke up early just to be with our little girl. We were sitting on our sofa inside the blankets and watching children’s morning program. I was half a sleep.

My man woke up bit later with a nice surprise. He was on his knees with bunch of flowers and asked me to marry him!
There I was, having bit hangover from last night, with stinky breath, still in sleeping clothes and tears coming from my eyes.. Ok, the tears are not surprise at all, I know! My daughter asked from me, why I am crying… when I got so nice flowers. That was our moment, simple and special!

My man had asked my father to marry his daughter –me. In last summer they were joking, that if he paints their house, he can marry me. So he did, painted a house and asked again!

Our daughter went to grandma (my mother) and we left home. We drove to Helsinki and spent many nice hours in the spa and water park.. Finally we were just 2 of us! After the spa treat we drove to the town called Porvoo. We stayed in the old town, in very cute and small hotel, where every room was different and called by people who used to live there. Our room was nr.9 and called Jakob Falin’s room. We had booked a table in famous escargot restaurant.. Where we enjoyed lovely dinner – still just 2 of us! After many hours dinner we enjoyed Sangria in a lovely bar, in the old warehouse building.. We were dreaming how it could be the place for our wedding, or even for a home.. ;)

Next day we enjoyed walking the streets of old Porvoo (check the photos from last posting). I could easily imagine to live in this town – OLD town. After some hours I had to go to work again..

The thought of getting all the friends together and celebrate OUR wedding feels good. It’s something we have talked with some of our friends again and again. Now it’s one step closer. Even the thought, that we don’t have any economical chances to have such a party we are dreaming about can’t ruin it. But I believe, I hope, I dream.. One day we will get all our dearest family and friends together……. One reason why I am writing about it here, is to share the joy with you but also to tell, HOW much I dream (and I want!!!) to get you all, even from so far away to spend this special time with us!

When? Where? How? Just wait.. One day it will happen… we will let you know many months ahead!

With happy thoughts, anni


Laura said...

Onnea, onnea tulevalle morsmaikulle <3

Anna said...

Felicidades!!! Que noticias más buenas!

Un beso,
Los Romeros

anni said...




Kiitän myöskin.. ainakin osasta jotain ymmärän.. ;)

Heini said...

Ihanasti kirjoitettu ♥♥ niin romanttista! ja teillä oli varmaan ihana viikonloppu, mahtavaa! ja onnea myös vielä tähänkin!

anni said...

Kiitän. Olen NIIN yllättynyt ja onnellinenkin kaikesta huomiosta, kommenteista ja onnitteluista! Ihanaa! Kyllä bloggailu kannattaa!