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We just got a phone call from Malawi - Mkwamba's! Aaan, unbielievable how nice it is hear form there.. that things are fine with our Malawian family and our dear friends. I miss Malawi SO much, and these people... If I could just be there again for a while, or even longer. I miss the voices, smells, sunshine, joy, laughs.. This period of my life in Malawi was for sure one of the best ones. Not the easiest, but just one period I could never forget. This period tought me a lot about myself, about my strenghts and limits. It also made Ulf's and mine realtionship much stronger...

I have been working again.. I came at afternoon from work and I go tomorrow afternoon again for the next 25 hours. it's a autumn holiday time and most of the kids are at their homes. But that doesn't mean, that there is no work.. There is plenty of tasks need to be done. My motivation for my work is quite week right now and I am feeling sometimes so tired of it... But-but-but, we need this job so much to keep our economy running, so I am doing the best out of it.

Sorry my dear friends, Anni is tired. She is also on diet, so her energy level is quite low (right now). In generally I feel very good, running often and planning to be FIT! :)

Sleep well my dear friends!

Love, Anni

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