Renovation at Mona's room - moves further, but SLOWLY

Back wall of the Mona's room,
where is going to be her in built
bed. Gips boards are allmost there..

Gips boards on the wall in Mona's room

The corner of Mona's bed, in built
(original/old) closets and window.

I really like these closets, and luckily
we have many of them in our house.

The view from the door to Mona's room

As you can see, there is plenty of work need to be done. If you ask, are we sick and tired of all this renovation? The answer is YES. I can't wait to get it done. In an other hand, that's the only way we can do it - little by little. The man who we have hired to help, comes 1-2 times/week and it's not much. But he is good, so we are patient. So, (we really hope!!) before end of this year we will have this one upstairs room done and we can move to sleep ut there. It means our dining hall/ library/ office which is in downstairs will NOT be anymore our bedroom and we can use it for its real purpose. We have also many furnitures still in boxes, because we just haven't had space to put them up...

Dear friends, SOOOOOOOOON you can stay at our place bit more comfortable than until know. We really hope to see you here soon!

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