White or Black?

I talked today in MSN with my friend and I promised to try to write in this blog sometimes also in english.. So, here it comes just for you - FINGLISH.. ;)

I have dreamed and planned to meet these friends from UK for so long time and still we haven't met for a long time. Since the summer 2006, when Mona was just a half year old. It seems so long time ago. I met these lovely girls in Malawi and they made my stay at there very special. This period of life will allways be for us very special and we come back to Malawi in our talks and toughts again and again.. It never goes away. ... But Thank God, there is a MSN and facebook.. just to see the photos, to chat and to know, that the things are ok. The meaning if internet for me is simply to keep in touch with my friends from the different corners of this globe.. And ok-ok, also to see all the nice blogs again and again!

As you can see, I tried to change a colour of my blog.. I will also try to skan in my drawings and put them up here in my blog. I think then white background will be good - for my black and white drawings.. I will try it soon!

Today I were visiting my firend in Helsinki.. It was nice, SO nice.. To be emotional, to laugh, to eat tasty apple pie and just to enjoy the company of a friend. I should do it SO much more often! *hug* :)

Week is soon over again, school tasks are still waiting to be done. Anni-anni-anni! But also other things, like my work.. Aah, I hope that one day.. one day this will not be anymore so hectic! I just hae this feeling, that it will allways be busy, it's just me who cant just relax and not to do anything for days and days..

Anyway.. wishing you all very peacefull evening/ night!

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