Few last days has past at home.. There has been plenty of things to do, but still nothing too special. I have been cleaning garden, doing sports, painting "million" picture frames (+ other little things) white, doing some school tasks and not missing work at all...

My good friend is going to Uganda next spring and I am dreaming visiting her.. Please, somebody make my dream come true! I need some travelling!!!

We have a new (white) door!!! The work is not completely finished, but it's there. Some photos will be taken tomorrow.

I have promised (and it's public now!) to loose about 7kg until the 1st of december. So, I have started my project of taking better care of myself. Trying to do at least 30min of sports every day (= walking everywhere/ trying to minimise of using a car) + every second day about 45min run or 1,5km swim! One day... one beautiful day I will run a half marathon!!!

I have been learning scanning, and I have scan some of my drawings for my blog, as you can see. They are old.. and I found them in my boxes.. My blog looks now bit special and silly.. maybe like me?

Anyway, it's very late.. time to z zzz zz....

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Pia said...

Nonniin, täällä ollaan kun pyysit :)
Tuen pudotustasi, kuten sinäkin varmaan minun?!
En osaa käyttää tätä blogia ollenkaan, vihtu peekele.
Kuka on varastanu mun piirrokset tähän sun blogin taustaan? :D
Emmä tiiä... pitänee lopettaa ja jatkaa jossain privassa sun kanssa, tänhän voi vaikka kaikki lukee..