...Why I haven't been writting about one of my biggest passion - world? The world, which has made me to see life very differnet way..

When I were teenager, just moved from Estonia to Finland.. I felt SO lonely and lost in this so called developed country. Some years after the move I got to know interesting people at the refugee center, where my parents were working. I didn't felt like telling to any of my friends, that how much time I was spending at there: playing with kids from other side of the world, eating their food...just being with them. I enjoyed SO much and it gave me a lot. I got energy for "fight" to survive in the school where I was so misarable and it opened my world. I said: "One day... ONE day I will go and see these places where these people were from - Africa, Asia... I think that was the time, when my passion for Africa started.

It took many years, before I ended up in Africa.. Tooooo many! I spent about half a year with my boyfriend in Malawi doing volunteer work for the (very small) local organization. We worked with HIV/Aids orphans and its problems in the villages of Malawi.

The so called culture shock was there, but actually not as big as it was after coming back to Europe (Finland/ Denmark).. That was the time, when I felt.. Yeah, what did I felt? I felt SO different... My family and friends were happy to see me again, and they asked many questions.. But nobody really understood. The feelings I felt were not be able to describe. . I think one reason for not actually having a culture shock, while being there was India, where I travelled some years before going to Africa. And I must say, that until now these have touched me the most: India and Malawi. The land of contradictions, so inspireing and shocking.. (=India), But it was needed preaparation for Africa. ..

I need to get back.. I need to get BACK.. I miss the world SO much.. And I hope that this world also misses me...

I dont want to call my self a tourist when I travel. I don't want to call myself a backbacker, even I am closer to that.. I'm just a traveller.. I'm just Anni..

Sorry again for my bad spelling..

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